Why is my phone's battery life so bad?

Episode 1495 (10:20)

Bob from San Jose, CA

Bob has an LG G5 Android phone and his battery life is really bad. He was thinking about resetting it, just in case there's something running in the background that's wearing it down. Leo says that after two years, it could be that the battery is worn out to the point that it's time to replace it. The good news is, the G5 has a removable battery. But what about his authenticators? Will they stay enabled when he resets? Leo says probably not. They may have to be reenabled. Leo says he may be able to go into Google Authenticator and get the keys. If he can back them up, then he can input them after resetting and be back in business. Leo also recommends trying Authy. It's a much better and easier to use authenticator.

The battery is also swelling. Leo says that's a bad sign. It's really time to replace the battery!