Why don't my laptop speakers work?

Episode 1494 (1:52:19)

Mark from Escondido, CA
Headphone jack

Mark has an HP laptop for a backup when his other PC is busy. The internal speakers are not working now, but USB headphones work. What can he do? Leo says that if he can hear sound through the headphones, that means his sound card driver is working. And he can't really replace the hardware anyway because it's soldered to the motherboard. The miniJack, however, doesn't work. Leo says that points to the headphone jack being broken. If he's handy with a soldering iron, he could fix it. But that also doesn't solve the speaker problem. There may be a unified connection for both the speakers and the minijack that's causing the problem. But Mark should go into the audio settings and make sure the speakers are enabled. It may must be that they aren't enabled. He can right click on the speaker icon in the lower right hand corner and make sure they're connected. He could also run the troubleshooter in the Microsoft Control Panel.