How can I make use of the unallocated space on my file server?

Episode 1490 (1:48:39)

Tommy from Natchitoches, LA
Hard drives

Tommy has a file server, a C drive and a D drive, with shared files and folders. It has an unallocated space of 1TB. Leo says that's huge. His C drive has started to get full, and he needs to extend it, but he's limited in how he can extend that within Windows. It would have to be between the C and the D on his partition manager. Leo thinks this may just be a limitation of the Windows Partition Manager, so one thing he could do is go to EaseUS and get their partition manager to see if it can do it. On the other hand, it may be an actual geometric limitation.

The Chatroom says that it may move the D into the allocated area and then expand the C drive. Will it affect the shared folders? Leo says no. It won't reassign it. But Leo recommends doing a full backup before he attempts it, and EaseUS actually has a backup tool as well.