What's the best way to have cellular while traveling overseas?

Episode 1489 (1:45:00)

Edward from Corona, CA
Skyroam Solis

Edward is traveling to Europe for six weeks and wants to know the best option for having cellular service. Leo says that laws in the EU recently changed and roaming is available across the entire EU. So one SIM will work in all countries. Leo recommends going over to prepaidwithdata.wikia.com. It will have information about what the best cell provider is in every country and where to buy a SIM. He'll also need to have his phone unlocked to take a new SIM and he'll get a new number. His other option is to get a MiFi card, which will use cell service to give him Wi-Fi for up to 32 devices. He'll want to turn off data roaming to use it. MiFi cards are pocket sized, too, so he can always have it with him.

Leo likes the SkyRoam Solis. It's $149 but he can just rent it as well. He can also use it to buy a day pass or subscription and turn off his subscription when it's not in use.