Why does my computer slow down so much?

Episode 1488 (19:20)

John from Las Vegas, NV

John built a Windows 10 machine, upgrading from Windows 7. But now it's slowing down while playing videos and he has to do a hard reboot to restart it. Leo says there's a setting in the video driver that is for "hardware acceleration." If it's on, he should turn it off. If it's off, he should turn it on. That may fix it. He can right click on the desktop, then click through the following: personalize, display, change display settings, advanced settings, graphics property box, troubleshooting, change settings, display adapter troubleshooter for hardware acceleration. He could try using a different browser or reinstalling the video drivers. It could also be a heat problem.

In Chrome, he should put this into the address bar: chrome://settings/system
He can also try Chrome://GPU and Chrome://flags