How can I send out group text messages from my computer?

Episode 1488 (1:17:20)

Scott from Arlington, TX
Verizon Message+

Scott is an independent author and he says he's worried about data protection requirements under the EU's GDPR rules. Leo says that requirements for data protection is different for an individual than they are for a company with 250 or more. One can use MailChimp to do GDPR and protect the client's data. If he/she has a website that's log enabled then they would also have requirements. It's also not completely clear what the EU's GDPR requirements are, especially for small businesses. The EU is more interested in larger companies than the little guy.

Scott also wants to know how he can do SMS Texting from his computer. He doesn't want recipients to have to download an app. Leo says SMS is a service provided by the cell carrier. Scott can send an email with Recipients' (phone number)@(mms.carrier). The nomenclature is different for every carrier, however, and it gets very complicated. But Google is trying to solve that. Google is supporting Rich Communication Services (RCS), and they're hoping to bring the phone companies on board. One other solution is to use Facebook Messenger since almost everyone is on Facebook.

Steve calls in to says that Verizon has an app that he can download and text from his desktop. It's called Message+.

Justin calls to say that after getting an email from a tester, he can reply to it via email as well and it will go to a text.