Why does my printer reject a refilled cartridge?

Episode 1483 (1:40:08)

Felicia from San Diego, CA
Counterfeit Cartridge Detected

Felicia had her HP printer ink cartridges refilled, and now her printer won't accept the cartridge. It just says it's incompatible or counterfeit. What can she do? Rich says that printers are cheap because they can make up the cost on ink. Rich also thinks, however, that the contacts on the cartridges may just be dirty. So she should clean them with some distilled water and a coffee filter. Nothing that has threads to it. She should give it a good wiping down and try again. It should be able to see it then.

The chatroom says there's some support here. Also try updating the firmware. That could help. If she decides to just get a new printer, what should she get? Rich says that Epson is a much better option since she can get the Eco printers with two years of ink included.

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