When should I buy a 4K TV?

Episode 1483 (46:50)

CJ from Whittier, CA

CJ is really into 4K HD Blu-rays, and he wants to know if he should buy a 4K HDR TV now, or wait until Black Friday? Rich says that streaming is the future and Blu-ray discs are going away. He's going to want to get 4K HDR with Dolby and HDR10. Those are the two standards. He can wait until Black Friday, but the best time to get a TV is just before the Super Bowl.

For the most value, Rich recommends Vizio or TCL. But a good mid range TV is Samsung and LG. It really comes down to CJ's budget. Black Friday will get him some great deals, but he'll have to beware of last year's models being sold for the best prices.