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Watch Alan from Murrieta, CA Comments

Alan has been having issues visiting a website on his computer, but his wife can do it on hers. Rich says that it could be that if Dave had installed a program recently, it could be interfering with his web browser. Another possibility is that Dave's Java isn't updated. He should try updating that. Also, Dave should turn off all of his browser extensions. If he can access the site after that, then he'll know that an extension is the culprit. To find out which extension is causing it, he can just go in and turn each extension on one by one until the site doesn't work again.

Watch Jeannie from San Diego, CA Comments

Jeannie has had it with her cable subscription and is going to become a cord cutter. She's got an antenna and the Amazon Fire Stick, but how can she replace her DVR capability? Rich says that SlingTV has a cloud DVR option built into their service for an additional $5 a month. They also have a device called the AirTV Player for about $50.

Tablo TV is another option that will record over-the-air antenna channels. But Rich says even the best solutions are hit and miss. Rich has given up on DVR-ing as a result. YouTubeTV also would let her record local channels.

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Watch CJ from Whittier, CA Comments

CJ is really into 4K HD Blu-rays, and he wants to know if he should buy a 4K HDR TV now, or wait until Black Friday? Rich says that streaming is the future and Blu-ray discs are going away. He's going to want to get 4K HDR with Dolby and HDR10. Those are the two standards. He can wait until Black Friday, but the best time to get a TV is just before the Super Bowl.

For the most value, Rich recommends Vizio or TCL. But a good mid range TV is Samsung and LG. It really comes down to CJ's budget. Black Friday will get him some great deals, but he'll have to beware of last year's models being sold for the best prices.

Watch Brian from Indio, CA Comments

Brian listens to music on his Bluetooth headphones with the Amazon Echo, but every time he gets a call, the headphones disconnect. Rich says it's probably a software issue. Unpairing everything and then re-pairing it could fix the issue. But if it doesn't, it's an Amazon problem and he'll just need to wait for a fix.

Watch Daryl from Silverado Canyon, CA Comments

Daryl has a hard drive that has bad bearings, and he needs to get the data off it. He's tried to have the board on the drive replaced, but now it says it needs the original board or ROM. How can he get the data off this bad drive? Rich says that at this point, only a data recovery service like DriveSavers will be able to get the data off it, and it's not cheap. Rich says that it's odd that the data company would require him to get the proper materials. He recommends going to another company. He should look on Yelp and find the best reviewed service and go with them. This is why backing up data to the cloud is so vital. Because if that hard drive fails, it's expensive.

Watch Anthony from Carpenteria, CA Comments

Anthony wants to know what the advantage is of getting an Apple TV if all the modern TVs are so-called "smart" TVs? Rich says that apps are always better, and updated more on a dedicated device like the Apple TV. Smart TVs, on the other hand, rarely get updated, if ever. TV makers are in the TV business, not the app development business. So Apple TV has that advantage.

There are other options out there as well, including Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon FireTV. He should also check out Movies Anywhere. It merges all purchases so he could watch them all from the same spot.

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Watch Chris from Stevenson Ranch, CA Comments

Chris is looking to get security cameras. Should he go with Nest or Ring? Should he have a service? Rich says he has a combination of the two, but it depends on if he wants a managed solution. Rich says that there really isn't a need to have a managed solution. It's expensive from month to month. Chris can piece together his own solution and do just as good.

SimpliSafe is a great option because it offers home security and surveillance. Ring's video doorbell is terrific, though. Whenever someone comes to the door, he'd get notified on his phone and he can talk to them. Nest cams can be put indoor or outdoors, but they're overpriced, and he'd have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for DVR service. Ring is just $30 a year for archiving video. Amazon's CloudCam would give him 14 days of clips for free. $119 a piece or 3 for $300. Amazon has bought Ring now too, so the price is going down. Ring also has a flood light with motion detection and a camera in it.

(Disclaimer: SimpliSafe and Ring are sponsors)

Watch Felicia from San Diego, CA Comments

Felicia had her HP printer ink cartridges refilled, and now her printer won't accept the cartridge. It just says it's incompatible or counterfeit. What can she do? Rich says that printers are cheap because they can make up the cost on ink. Rich also thinks, however, that the contacts on the cartridges may just be dirty. So she should clean them with some distilled water and a coffee filter. Nothing that has threads to it. She should give it a good wiping down and try again. It should be able to see it then.

The chatroom says there's some support here. Also try updating the firmware. That could help. If she decides to just get a new printer, what should she get? Rich says that Epson is a much better option since she can get the Eco printers with two years of ink included.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch James from Las Vegas, NV Comments

James has 300 DVDs that he'd like to put on a media server and watch using Amazon Alexa to launch them. Rich says that the first thing James would need to do is "rip" them to a hard drive. He can use a combination of HandBrake and VLC Media Client to get them into digital files. Then he can put them on a network attached storage device.

Rich likes Synology. James can just connect a few hard drives to his network. Having them set in a RAID 5 configuration would be best. Then he'll want software that will interface with Alexa and enable it to play, like Plex. The basic functions are free. He can just Install Plex on the Synology and then connect Alexa to it, and it should all work the way James needs it. But it will take a while to get those movies ready.

Watch Bob from Burbank, CA Comments

Bob is having trouble with popups and other stuff when he browses in Google Chrome. Rich says that using Chrome, there is a utility called "Clean up computer" that will work. He should use the hamburger icon on the left hand side and then go to Menu > Settings > Advanced. Then select "Clean up computer." It'll clean up all those pesky popup cookies and other bits that cause his browser fits.