Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1477 (2:06:53)

Dick DeBartolo

Coach seats on an airplane are uncomfortable enough, but having to fight over the small armrest between coach seats makes it even worse. There's a neat solution for that. Soarigami doubles the existing armrest space and provides a friendly barrier, so you and your seatmate can comfortably share fairly. However, the company strongly suggests that before using the device, you simply ask your seat-mate neighbor if they're willing to share. Dick guesses that when you show them the Soarigami, they'll be very interested in sharing it. The device can be adjusted to fit a wide range of armrests using the built-in screws. A rubberized silicone molding on the underside creates a firm grip on existing armrests, making it fully stable. The armrest covers are removable for hand washing and the entire Soarigami folds flat to fit into any carry-on. It's $29.50 on Amazon.

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