Why is Wi-Fi so slow on my laptop?

Episode 1474 (36:06)

Beth from Manhattan Beach, CA
Netgear Orbi Router

Beth has a two story house and she has no problem streaming anything or using the internet, except on her laptop. Leo says that if her Roku is running HD, then she's getting decent bandwidth. Would a mesh router help? Leo says it may, but it's an expensive way to find out. Beth should run a speed test on her router to see how it goes. She should do it closer to her base station, and then again down into the lower floor and see if it improves or gets worse. That would tell her something. Leo says that since Beth is using Frontier, it could be her Frontier router. They're just terrible. Leo recommends that Beth get her own router and set the Frontier router to just pass along the Wi-Fi traffic to the better router. Leo says the Orbi Mesh Router would be a good choice.