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Watch Richard from Tampa, FL Comments

Richard is looking to get his first smartphone. Leo says the most important question to ask when getting a first smartphone is what phones his friends and family use. He should find out what carriers they have and how happy they are with them. Apple's iPhone makes an ideal first phone because it's so easy to use, but his friends and family will be his first line of support when he's learning to use it. The iPhone is a bit pricey and there are some good budget Android options out there. Leo recommends the Motorola G5 Plus as a first phone. It has a simple, clean design, and is affordable at $400. It also has a decent camera. The iPhone SE is a budget model that could work as well.

Watch Rob from Lolo, MT Comments

Rob has a friend who's computer died. She tried to use her iPhone to type something and she hit the space bar and it disappeared. How can she get it back? Leo says it may be possible to get it back by shaking the phone. The iPhone has a feature that if she shakes the phone, a popup will appear that says "undo typing?" But the text must be available in the clipboard for that to work.

Watch Bob from Alpine, CA Comments

Bob put his iMac to sleep and then when he went to wake it up, he got a "bong" with a blank screen. Leo says that those tones indicates different things depending on the tone. Here's a list. It's possible the backup battery in the computer is dead and needs to be replaced. But it could also be a failed hard drive. It could also be an EFI ROM update is in progress. If you hold down the D key when booting up, you'll go into diagnostic mode. If that doesn't work, then you have a major hardware failure.

Watch Beth from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Beth has a two story house and she has no problem streaming anything or using the internet, except on her laptop. Leo says that if her Roku is running HD, then she's getting decent bandwidth. Would a mesh router help? Leo says it may, but it's an expensive way to find out. Beth should run a speed test on her router to see how it goes. She should do it closer to her base station, and then again down into the lower floor and see if it improves or gets worse. That would tell her something. Leo says that since Beth is using Frontier, it could be her Frontier router. They're just terrible. Leo recommends that Beth get her own router and set the Frontier router to just pass along the Wi-Fi traffic to the better router. Leo says the Orbi Mesh Router would be a good choice.

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Watch Chris from North Carolina Comments

Chris is looking to get an all-in-one for his wife. Leo says that it could be good, especially for under $800. The HP Pavillion all-in-one is quite nice, but if he's willing to spend a little bit more, the HP Envy is even better. Especially the one with the large curved screen, but that's $2,000.

Does i5 or i3 really make a difference? Leo says he should get the i5. The i3 is an i5 with a disabled cache. He'll want the extra cache, so he should go with the i5. The i7 is overkill for what they'll be doing with it. He should get 8GB of RAM at least, and an SSD will make it faster as well. Then he can use an external spinning drive for backup and storage. Do they come with optical drives? Leo says not anymore. He can get an external USB drive for $50, though.

Watch James from Chicago, IL Comments

James has a router that supports VPNs. What's the benefit of running his own VPN vs. subscribing to a VPN service? Leo says it's largely the peace of mind that he is controlling the security. With a third party VPN service, he won't know what kind of access they have to his traffic.

Watch Ricardo from Anaheim, CA Comments

Ricardo would like to recover some data from his phone, including his messages. How can he do that? Leo says that there's a program called ECamm PhoneView is the best one he knows of. It's Mac only though. Free to try, then it costs $30. What about Doctor Phone? $100 is really pricey, and it has page after page of one-star reviews. So Leo would recommend steering clear of that one.

For the PC - the chatroom recommends iExplorer. Ricardo should also check out this list on AlternativeTo.

Watch Heather from Missoula, MT Comments

Heather wants to listen to the Tech Guy on her Echo, but she can't get it to play. Leo says that's because Amazon has changed the syntax, and now she has to say "Echo, listen to TuneIn TWiT Live." She should try to say the name of the app first, and then the podcast name.

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Watch Irwin from Bronx, NY Comments

Irwin's wife is disabled and wants to be able to use her computer. How can she? Leo says to check out an Independent Resource Center near her to get assistance using her computer. Leo also says that Windows 10 's Cortana will open up and voice dictate. There's other accessibility features in Windows 10 as well. She should just press the Windows Key and type "accessibility" or "Ease of access." She'll get a complete list of accessibility features. That can help a lot. Microsoft also offers a free upgrade to Windows 10 for those with accessibility issues here. Update: this free upgrade expired on December 31, 2017.

Watch Chuck from San Diego, CA Comments

Chuck needs an option to be able to grab an image of his text messages and produce a PDF of it. Leo says that's easy on a Mac because he has access to Apple Messages, but he doesn't have the ability to include Android text messages. Leo says that a Google Voice number may be the ideal option using Hangouts.

The chatroom offers this article on how to copy messages to PDF using CopyTrans Contacts. Another is an iTunes app called Messages SMS Export to PDF.

Watch Russell from Desert Hot Springs, CA Comments

Russell has the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and he accidentally deleted his photos off the phone. Leo says that since Roger has Google Photos on the phone, it's likely the photos were automatically backed up. If he's lucky, that's the case. And any photos that have been deleted may still be in the trash can on the phone, where they stay for up to two months. There are some apps that could maybe recover his lost photos, but they have varying degrees of success.

The chatroom offers this article from, this page at, DiskDigger photo recovery from the Google Play Store, and lastly this tutorial at

There's also a WikiHow article on how to recover deleted photos on a Samsung Galaxy device.

Watch Bogdan from Rosamond, CA Comments

Bogdan wants to know what home assistant should he buy. Leo says it depends on what he wants to use it for. Google Assistant is better for answering questions, and Amazon Echo is better for shopping and consuming music. Both now support making phone calls. Both will work with home automation devices, so he can tell Echo to turn on the lights. In the long run, Google will probably be the best, though.

Can he stream iTunes on either? Leo says no. He would need the HomePod for that. If he wants to do Apple stuff, he'll need an Apple device. One exception is Bluetooth. He can connect it via Bluetooth and then play from the iPhone that way.