How can I extend Wi-Fi to my second floor?

Episoide 1473 (1:49:06)

Henry from Garden Grove, CA

Henry wants to extend his Wi-Fi upstairs. What extender should he use? Leo says he has a few options. Mesh routers are great because they have satellites that he can plug into each room, creating a wireless grid for his home. These usually come with a base station and a few extenders. They're a bit pricey, but they have the advantage of having full duplex communication, so the speed isn't cut as it's passing along the signal. They also have great security features, they're easy to maintain through the app, and they update automatically. All router manufacturers now offer built-in Mesh capabilities, but Eero, Plume, and Netgear's Orbi are the best.

His other challenge may be metal in the house. It could turn his home into a faraday cage. That's where powerline networking comes in handy because it will use his electrical grid as a wired mesh network.

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