How can batch print PDFs automatically?

Episode 1472 (21:55)

Frank from Fontana, CA
Microsoft Access

Frank wants to timestamp PDF blueprints that he prints up, and he wants to be able to print them in order by group number and file name. He's created a database in excel to do this and then created a batch file. Leo says this is how programmers are born, by creating scripts and macros to streamline the workflow. Leo also says that a database program would be easier and can be done automatically. It would also allow him to create the PDF from the database and when he makes changes, the PDFs will be updated automatically. FileMaker Pro is ideal for this. He can also get a free trial to test it out.

If he has Microsoft Office, Access is a bit more complicated to use but it can do the same thing.

The chatroom found an article on batch printing PDF files at