Why am I getting an insecure website warning?

Episode 1471 (2:10:04)

Kimberly from Carlsbad, CA
Browser warning

Kimberly is having issues with her U-Verse internet access after wiring her computer directly. She sees things on her browser she doesn't like. Her "IT guy" says it's an IP issue. Leo says someone is overthinking it. It's not an IP issue. IPv6 is invisible, so that shouldn't make a difference. Not all sites are secure, the only ones that are should be the ones she's giving private information to. And a log in form could be secure while a page is not. Yahoo isn't the greatest ISP to rely on, either. It's all going to change because Google is warning people of insecure sites and all of them will eventually have to secure themselves.

Kimberly should clear her cookies. That could solve the warning problem.