Do I have malware?

Episode 1471 (1:29:56)

Sarah from Prescott, AZ
Malware Bytes

Sarah is worried she may have malware on her system. She ran malware bytes and it says she has 170 possible malware issues. Leo says that probably isn't the case. Malware Bytes will give false positives, or overreact to things in the browser it doesn't like. Malware Bytes can also slow the computer down. What really probably happened is that her browser simply crashed. Leo suspects that Sarah's hard drive is getting flaky, and is starting to fail. The good news is her computer is only a few months old and she can have it repaired under warranty.

If she does think she has malware, then the only safe way to solve that is to back up her data to a USB key, then format the hard drive and reinstall Windows. She'll probably need to make recovery discs and there is a "Make Recovery Disk" item that she can select to create it. There's also probably a recovery partition. Sarah should press the Windows Key and type "recovery." This will run the Windows Recovery utility. She should select Reset, and she can try the basic reset first (also called "Keep My Files"). If that doesn't work, then she should select "Erase the Hard Drive" and start over.