Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1465 (19:24)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that Best Buy is removing CDs from their inventory now, and Leo says that more brick and mortars are doing that since optical media is on its way out. This week, though, the conversation is about home theater speakers. What speakers should you get to make the most out of the home theater experience? Scott says that you can measure how accurately a speaker replicates the sound on a presentation, but it doesn't include the effect of a room's acoustics. So even the most accurate measurement isn't really all that accurate. The sounds will not only come from your speakers, but also from reflections in your room. So while it can be helpful, it's really only a piece of information that needs to be added to consideration. Sticking with the main brands is just as useful, and as you spend more money, you are generally going to get better speaker performance. Until you hit a certain point that it levels off, so don't go crazy on speakers, just get the best you can afford.

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