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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny upgraded his Comcast internet bandwidth to gigabit service. But when he went to to test it, it was only a 1/3 the promised speed. Is he getting ripped off? Leo says that Wi-Fi can slow down bandwidth a bit due to congestion. He should try hardwiring to his modem with ethernet and see if it speeds up. The age of his computer network card can also slow it down if it's older. He would need a gigabit network card to handle the throughput.

At the end of the day, there's always a weak link in the chain and he just has to find it. Also, testing with a variety of speed tests can also give him a more accurate reading. tests for Netflix streaming and 300 Mbps is just fine. He's paying for 1 GB per second, but it's rare to get the full speed. He should note that it always says "up to." Also, Comcast will do an initial burst at 1GB and then slow it down after the initial streaming starts. If Johnny can get it up to 600 or 700 Mbps, that's pretty good and the best that he can realistically expect.

Leo doesn't think Johnny is being ripped off. He just needs to tweak it some.

Watch Steve from Portland, OR Comments

Steve has a NuVision Windows tablet and when he turned it on, it wanted to update, but it can't because there isn't enough space on the drive. How can he update it? Leo says that the biggest problem these tablets have is that there's no space to update it, and it's not possible to connect a thumb drive to do it. He did put a 64GB microSD card into the slot, but that didn't work either. Leo says that's because it probably has to update to the internal memory. Steve can try downloading an updated version of Windows 10 Creators Edition using the Media Creation tool. It could work.

He could also hack it and put Android on it. Steve should check out XDA Developer Forums.

Watch Eliie from Hawaii Comments

Ellie is thinking about getting an iPad Pro. What's the difference between that and the regular iPad? Leo says that the big difference is support for the Apple Pencil. There's also a faster processor and better screen. Will the Picture in Picture work by bifurcating the screen? Leo says maybe. She can have up to three windows open, so it would kind of be that way.

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Watch Brian from Fairview, TN Comments

Brian wants to upgrade his MacBook Pro RAID drive and wants the fastest drive possible. Leo says that a Thunderbolt 3 external drive would be the fastest he can get for it. Leo recommends the Envoy Pro EX from OWC. It's also bus powered. But a 6TB drive is over $1,000, so it's not cheap.

Leo went another way though, with a USB-C 8TB drive array and that was much cheaper. Oyen Digital's MiniPro RAID vs USB 3.1 Type C is $99 and he can toss in two Samsung 950 EVOs and he'd have 2 TB in a RAID array. Running RAID 0 (Scary Raid) will be fast and give him the most storage.

Watch Stephen from Riverside, CA Comments

Stephen wants to get a voice operated home device to make phone calls for his mother in law. Leo says that the Amazon Echo only works with other Echo devices. Google Home Assistant, however, can be linked to his phone and can make phone calls by voice. The chatroom says that Echo Connect will work to make phone calls, especially emergency ones. Leo says that these in-home voice assistants are a game changer, especially for older folks. They're also cheap enough now that he can put them in every room.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George is visually impaired and DirecTV has changed the font size of their menu interface to the point where he can't read it from his chair. Is there a way to change it back? Leo says that he can customize the program guide, and if he can't change the font size, he could change the screen size for the directory in the menu settings. There's a huge thread at the AT&T Forums that outline a lot of complaints like that.

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Watch Bon from San Diego, CA Comments

Bob wants to know where he can get a basic answering machine. Do they make them anymore? Leo says that he can still get them from AT&T and Panasonic. Most of them are cordless though, with a base station for the wireless phones. So it's a phone system and an answering machine all in one. And they're all digital, so there are no tapes to buy. Bob should check Best Buy, Staples, and even Amazon. Leo likes Panasonic because they use the DECT standard.

Watch Jim from Laytonsville, MD Comments

Jim has a Windows 7 computer and about two months ago it started messing up his mouse, which freezes up anywhere from a few seconds up to 5 minutes. It usually happens after checking his email and then going online for a while. Then he exits out and the mouse freezes and he has to reboot. Leo says that there's probably something running in the background that's slowing down his computer and causing processes to back up. Leo suggests trying another browser, like Google Chrome. What's likely happening here is that over time, Jim's computer is suffering from "bit rot" and there's something slowing it down. Once a year, it's always a good idea to backup the data, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall Windows, updating it to the latest build. Time for some spring cleaning.

That will also help clean up his hard drive to keep it healthy. Stalling out like this is a sign that the drive needs attention.

Watch Harold from Riverside, CA Comments

Harold wants to know if he can get the data from his Android smartphone. Leo says that if his phone port supports USB OTG (on the go) then he'll have the ability to connect a flash drive to it and move his data over with an app. He should check his USB settings and see if he can use PTP (photo transfer protocol) or MTP (media transfer protocol). He can look under 'connected devices' in Android settings. Then he can copy stuff over. On the Mac, he should use the File Transfer Protocol. Windows should just read it as a drive.

Leo also suggests DoubleTwist. It works like iTunes, only better. He can connect his phone to his computer and then he can sync data and music over.

Watch Jamie from California Comments

Jamie wants to know how she can listen to her favorite comedians on her phone while she's driving. She's been playing the YouTube channel but that's eating up her data. Leo says that TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and other streaming audio channels have comedy channels that she can stream.

Watch Judy from Virginia Comments

Judy wants to know if her mother, who is in a nursing home, can be wired in to call the nurse outdoors. She can't pull the string to call the nurse. The chatroom says that Amazon has the "Add a motor drapery motor" that could maybe do it. But Leo says that the easiest thing to do would probably be to buy an Echo Dot for the nurse's station. That way her mother can do a "drop-in" with the Echo to call them.

The chatroom found this solution from That could work, but she'd need to build it and it would cost a few hundred bucks.

Watch Zack from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Zack is trying to reformat an old MacBook Pro and he gets a "temporarily unavailable" error. Leo says that Apple has a theft prevention setting that would prevent him from deleting everything in case the laptop is stolen. But there's a way around it by restarting it with Command + R. At this stage, Leo recommends going to the Apple Store and have a Genius look at it.