What size TV should I buy?

Episode 1460 (2:00:09)

John from Notre Dame, IN
Vizio P Series

John is looking at his 43" screen and thinking it's way too small. How large should he get for his next one? Leo says that 43" is way too small to get an immersive experience. Sitting at 8-10 feet away, he'll want to get the largest screen that he can afford. He should check out the RTings size calculator here. There's also the "spousal acceptance factor" to keep that in mind. John should at least have a 55-60" screen. His only other choice is to move his couch closer to the TV, and that's not practical.

Leo recommends Vizio and right now is a great time to buy. TCL makes a nice panel too and their prices are very competitive. It also has Roku built in.