Why isn't Malwarebytes working for me?

Episode 1458 (2:02:44)

Don from Culver City, CA

Don is having issues with Malwarebytes. Leo says that if he's experiencing issues with Malwarebytes, there's a good chance that he's been infected. The first thing a malware creator will do is disable online security software and prevent access to those sites in the browser. That's one of the reasons why Leo doesn't like third party antivirus apps. Leo recommends using Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender.

If Don can get online, he should try running an online virus scan. VirusTotal.com is a good one to test with. There's also TrendMicro.com's Housecall.

The chatroom pointed to a blogpost at blog.malwarebytes.com, which talks about a bug that Malwarebytes has issued a fix for.

Image By BrickVelocity (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons