How can I start a profitable YouTube Cooking Channel?

Episode 1458 (12:49)

Tim from Fontana, CA

Tim's friend wants to start up a YouTube Channel and wants to know how to make money off of it. Leo says that is a very good idea to get the word out about her cookie business. YouTube is a visual medium and so is cooking. YouTube has become the destination for all kinds of cooks who are using the portal to showcase recipes, techniques, and more. The more visually entertaining and informative it is, the more popular. They'll also want to be sure that each episode doesn't last very long.

A good example is Buzzfeed's Tasty channel. Their videos are about 4 minutes long and they've become the standard. Even Food Network has started copying the format. They're shot from the top down, sped up a bit, with titles for each step, and with a catchy tune. So in 3-4 minutes, someone should know all the steps.

Then they can share links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If the episode is catchy enough, they'll be shared and retweeted. New content is vital, so they should be consistent and have new videos at least once a week. Once a day would be ideal. They'll want to make sure they encourage readers to like, share, subscribe, and enable notifications.

Leo says not to worry about monetization. That will come in time.