Why did my Android app stop working in Bluestacks on Windows?

Episode 1456 (12:07)

Jeff from Wisconsin

Jeff installed Bluestacks on his Windows 7 PC, and then he updated to Windows 10. Bluestacks is a program that lets you run Android apps on Windows. Jeff has an Android app called MovieHD and all of a sudden it's saying he has no connection, and to "please try again." Leo says Bluestacks is far from perfect — it won't run all Android apps. The app may have worked at one time, but Leo says that doesn't mean it will continue to work. App developers aren't really paying attention to Bluestacks, they're more concerned that it will work on all of the different Android phones, which is a non-trivial job as it is. All Jeff can really do is put a helpful review in the Google Play store about it, and hopefully, the developer will see it and fix that. Bluestacks is not an approved way to run Android apps, so there's just no gaurantee.

Image by Google Inc. [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons