What router should I buy?

Episode 1456 (34:25)

Ron & Jackie from Irvine, CA

Ron and Jackie are having trouble getting wireless signal upstairs. What can they do? Leo says that any router will be compatible, but with all the congestion and a second story, Leo would recommend a mesh router system. The old router system is just not designed to handle the load. Mesh routers start at $300, but they are completely worth it because they will have no dropouts or dead spots and they are regularly updated to remain secure. Mesh routers will also automatically manage the network according to the quality of service.

Leo recommends Eero's mesh router. Ron & Jackie should get a base unit and two "beacons," which will create strong tri-band Wi-Fi everywhere. Eero even has an app that will help them place everything in the right spot.

Another option is the NetGear Orbi. It's faster, but it's not really a true mesh system. Leo says it's excellent, though. But at the same price as the Eero, they'd be better off with the Eero.

How about the Asus 2900 or 3200 router? Leo says they're very good, but they won't solve some of the connection issues they're having. They would still need an extender which will cut the speed in half. Leo recommends spending the extra money to get a mesh system.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)