How can I get my PC to boot up?

Episode 1454 (23:44)

Frank from Land O Lakes, FL

Frank is having trouble getting his PC to boot up. He's replaced the power supply, but it still doesn't work. Leo says if there's no power on self-test (three beeps), and the fans are coming on, then it's likely a dead motherboard. Can he just replace the CPU without the motherboard or vice versa? Leo says if the power supply is eliminated as a culprit, then Frank could try replacing the processor and see what happens. But before he does that, he should pull all the USB devices and see if they're the culprit. It could be a short in his USB hub. There's so many possibilities. It could be a faulty motherboard, a bad fan, or bad RAM. It could even be bad settings in BIOS. His BIOS could have been corrupted. Leo suggests pulling the CMOS battery, clear it, and go. Outside of that, it's likely the motherboard.