Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1453 (18:55)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott was at CES this week, putting over 26 miles on his feet in four days. And while there really wasn't much technology for most categories, there were some exciting announcements for home theater including a new MicroLED TV. This contains microscopic LEDs that are less than 1mm in size emitting red, green and blue. The advantage is that microLED can get a lot brighter than OLED or plasma and it can be dimmed down to nothing. So you get incredible blacks and really bold colors. The screen itself has tiny tiles that the microLEDs are embedded in, and the TV has to be assembled at your house. But it solves the issues of dimming colors, which won't happen until a long time down the road.

Samsung is building it and it will be available later this year. The downside is, though, that the current design requires a massive 145" display. Samsung believes they can cut that in half, but still, Scott says it's easily a six-figure TV.

LG also showed off a concept roll-up OLED TV screen as part of their R&D division, but it's unlikely to be sold.