Processor Flaws Give Hackers Access to Your Data

Episode 1452 (01:55)


2018 brought about the news that every processor built in the last ten years have a flaw in them that could give hackers access to sensitive data. Initially believed to affect just Intel processors, the latest is that this affects every single processor made, regardless of platform.

The flaws utilizes a technique called "processor speculation," which enables the processor to speculate what the user will do next in order to accelerate performance. But the feature also gives hackers access to sensitive L2 cache data like passwords. It's especially true for networks.

Microsoft and Apple have been pushing out a fix, and a Linux fix will be coming soon. The fix, though, has a downside. It could have a processor performance drop of 5-30%. Leo says that sounds bad, but Apple has only gauged about a 2% drop, and he believes that we'll eventually get a fix that won't affect performance at all, or at the very least only a minor drop.

All cloud services and gaming servers are going down to install fixes as well.