Processor Hack Affects All Computers Made in Last Ten Years

Episode 1451 (02:00)


The latest exploit "Spectre" affects every single chip made in the last ten years. At first, security researchers thought that the exploit only affected Intel processors, but it turns out this hack also effects ARM, AMD, and any other processor that uses speculative prediction. The white hat hackers who found the flaw discovered that you can use it to access valuable data including passwords and other information. Leo says that Microsoft has already pushed out a fix, and Apple's High Sierra has patched the vulnerability with a recent fix. Apple has also patched the iPhone and iPad.

Ironically, a Raspberry Pi chip isn't affected because creators say it's too "dumb."

Leo also says that while the fix could slow down your computer by up to 30%, you have to patch your system, and Leo thinks in time, Intel, Microsoft and Apple will work to solve the speed issue to bring them back up to current levels. Never the less, this is a bullet we all have to bite.