What Android phone should I buy?

Episode 1448 (1:41:42)

Scott from Hisperia, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Scott owns a Windows Phone, but he's tired of people making fun of them and Microsoft has killed it. So he's ready for a new phone. Should he go with Android or Apple? He doesn't trust Google, but he'd prefer an SD card option. Leo says the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the ideal phone for Scott. It takes an SD card, has a large screen, and has a stylus. If he doesn't want the stylus, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is very close in size. He should understand, however, that Android is made by Google.

What about he LG V30? Leo says it's a superb phone, but it has an OLED screen that could be subpar compared to the Samsung. He may not tell the difference though. It also is a great phone.