Are OLED TVs worth the higher price?

Episode 1448 (1:23:43)

Matthew from Chino, CA

Matthew's Pioneer Elite TV has finally died. He was all set to buy one of the new UHD TVs, and then he ran into someone who told him about OLED. Leo says that OLED is UHD as well. Matthew currently has a Plasma, but all the companies have stopped making those. Leo says the best technology these days is OLED, though, anyway. They do have some issues, but in general, OLED is capable of blacker blacks and whiter whites, a better dynamic range. More than 4K and the higher resolutions, the thing that you're really getting from these new TVs is High Dynamic Range. HDR makes more of a difference than anything. Leo has the LG B6, but they're up to the B7 now. The B series panels are the same display panels as the higher end LG TVs, just without the extra bells and whistles like 3D.