Apple Releases iMac Pro

Episode 1448 (1:21:04)

Apple iMac Pro

Apple has released the iMac Pro, which it announced earlier this year. This computer starts at $4,999, and it's not hard at all to configure it up to $10,000. This is for professionals who are using it for business, like 3D design, photography, and video editing. Even if you did decide to spend the money on that, it still wouldn't be the fastest computer out there. This isn't even the fastest Mac. It all depends on what you do. It's using the Intel Xeon chip, which has 8, 10, 12, and 16 cores. But, when you get these multiprocessor Xeon chips, they run at a slower clock speed per process. They don't run as fast as other Intel chips like the i7, and that might make a difference. The only people who should buy the Xeon processors are people who know that the software they use most will take advantage of those chips, and the reality is that most software wouldn't make use of it. Many games don't even take advantage of this. That software wouldn't necessarily run that well on the iMac Pro because the single core processor speed is slower than other Macs.