Do I need a new router?

Episode 1445 (2:01:06)

Dave from Big Bear, CA
Netgear R7000P

Dave gets slowed down online when his son gets on the computer. He can't do anything. Does he need a new router? Leo says that's likely the case since Dave's router is about 8 years old. Leo says that sometimes the DSL modem needs to be replaced as well. So he should contact his ISP and ask them for a newer one. But definitely buy a new router, since they do wear out after a few years. Leo would recommend an 802.11AC version. It's better at managing bandwidth. Leo also likes mesh routers. They're a little more expensive, but they will give him great wireless coverage. Leo recommends the Netgear Orbi. It'll improve the throughput too. Especially in a two-story home.

They aren't cheap. There are more affordable standard routers out there. Check out the Wirecutter recommendations here. They like the NetGear R7000P.