Is there a better alternative to internet than my business solution?

Episode 1444 (1:48:21)

Hans from Los Angeles, CA
Cell tower

Hans is having issues with poor internet service in the mall where his store is located. He only gets 1.5 MBps for $85. Leo says that's awful. Leo says there's bound to be better options in his area, but he's stuck there in the mall. Leo says that's a scam where the mall makes an exclusive deal with an ISP and he's stuck with no other option. Maybe he could get several tenants together and go directly to the landlord of the mall and demand they offer a better option.

His only other choice is a wireless solution through LTE. He could also look into a MyFi system. Verizon offers a wireless business solution. If he has good LTE coverage, he should have no problems going that route. He should check his limits, though.