Should I buy an older refurbished ThinkPad?

Episode 1442 (1:44:47)

John from Indianapolis, IN
ThinkPad T470

John has to buy a new laptop since his 11-year-old laptop is stuck on Windows 7. Suggestions? Leo likes Dell. What about the ThinkPad T430 refurbished? Leo says that for $200, it's a pretty good deal. They're pretty rugged. John should check out the ThinkPad subreddit on Reddit. That's a great place to learn how to upgrade an older ThinkPad to keep it up to date. It's really easy to do with that particular model.

If John can get a good deal on one for Black Friday, he should do it. And while he's at it, he should make sure to get it with an SSD. But with a budget of $700, he can easily get a brand new T470 for around that. And they're tanks, too. Intel isn't making massive leaps anymore with each generation, so even going with an older laptop to save money won't affect him performance-wise.

John should also check out iFixIt for manuals, parts, and even tools.

ThinkPads are great because they are business grade. They can take a licking, last longer, and perform for a lot longer.

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