How do I start a website?

Episode 1442 (34:11)

Orly from San Diego, CA
Hand on mouse

Orly has an invention that she's patenting. She needs to create a website to market it, but she doesn't understand how to get going. Leo recommends going with SquareSpace because they not only have a good blogging style content management system, but they also have e-commerce options if she's going to be selling online. Other CMS options that are free include Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger.

Orly doesn't understand how other sites use Wordpress. Leo says that's because WordPress can be used two different ways: you can host WordPress yourself using software from, or you can let WordPress host it for you at Since she's just starting out, she should let WordPress do the heavy lifting, or just go with SquareSpace. They're really good, especially for eCommerce. Other eCommerce options include Shopify and Big Commerce

Leo recommends getting a trial site on all the ones she's considering and try them out before she buys.

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