What camera should I buy for live streaming?

Episode 1441 (1:01:24)

Bruce from Hisperia, CA
Joby GorillaPod

Bruce's daughter plays D&D and her group would like to stream their games online. They need a mic for the group. Leo says that the best option for them is Mevo. It has a wide-angle array mic and it has a camera built in that can be controlled via an iPad. It's 4K that streams over 1080p. It can even follow subjects around, and because it's 4K, Bruce's daughter could use the resolution to create a second camera up close. It's a great option. It's $400. There's also a $100 Black Friday deal going on right now. If that's still too pricey and they just want better audio, then they can use the Blue Snowball mic, which is under $100.

A better option may be to just use a smartphone. Bruce could get a Joby GorillaPod that will hold the smartphone up and then they could maybe put that on a Lazy Susan to move it around the table. They could then stream via Facebook or YouTube Live. The mic is very good too. That's a great way to get going.

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