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Watch Alice from California Comments

Alice is having an issue with her iPad going crazy during FaceTime. Leo says that the iPad could be overheating. She gets crazy colors and the video goes bad. If she exits out of FaceTime, however, it works fine. Leo says it may not be Alice's iPad. It may be her daughter's iPad that's having a hardware issue. It sounds like her device has a defective camera. Alice should have her call someone else with FaceTime to see if she can replicate the issue. She can even do that herself just to be sure. Then she'll need to bring it into the Apple Store and have a genius take a look at it. It may need to be repaired.

Watch Dean from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Dean installed Norton but he's having trouble with it. Leo says that Windows 10 has Defender built in and it's probably running. Antivirus software won't work well when there's more than one antivirus installed. So Dean should remove the Norton one with the Norton Remove tool. If he has trouble using the removal tool, he should run in Safe Mode with Networking. That will prevent additional drivers from loading and should make it easier to remove it. He should also make sure he uses the right removal tool. Norton has several different ones depending on the utility it is. There may also be plugins in his browser that could prevent the removal as well.

Watch Mark from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Mark ordered an iPhone X from Apple and he's worried about the order. He ordered an AT&T model, but his wife moving to Verizon. Can he swap it through the Apple store? Leo says that's probable. He'll definitely want to do that since the phones are locked to the carrier. The Verizon model would work with AT&T, but not the other way around. That's because Verizon's phone is unlocked, but have different radios in each. Leo suggests not even opening the box. He should just take the phone to the Apple Store and swap it out. They have enough of a supply now, so there shouldn't be a problem.

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Watch Bruce from Hisperia, CA Comments

Bruce's daughter plays D&D and her group would like to stream their games online. They need a mic for the group. Leo says that the best option for them is Mevo. It has a wide-angle array mic and it has a camera built in that can be controlled via an iPad. It's 4K that streams over 1080p. It can even follow subjects around, and because it's 4K, Bruce's daughter could use the resolution to create a second camera up close. It's a great option. It's $400. There's also a $100 Black Friday deal going on right now. If that's still too pricey and they just want better audio, then they can use the Blue Snowball mic, which is under $100.

A better option may be to just use a smartphone. Bruce could get a Joby GorillaPod that will hold the smartphone up and then they could maybe put that on a Lazy Susan to move it around the table. They could then stream via Facebook or YouTube Live. The mic is very good too. That's a great way to get going.

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Watch Bill from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Bill is going to be RVing full time and wants to be able to stream Netflix while on the road. Does he need a cell booster to get a better streaming signal? Leo says that LTE is in most areas and it's quite fast and consistent. Bill can pay extra for hotspotting and then stream to a Roku device.

Bill also got Verizon's JetPack, which gives him 25GB for $50 a month. Leo says that's a great deal, and is better than hotspotting. It'll stream via LTE so it's very fast.

Watch Bernie from Washington State Comments

Bernie wants to know about his data. He's worried that he's going over his data caps. Leo says that cell phone companies are moving towards Voice over LTE, which will use data to do phone calls because the quality is better. Can he get a data only device and do that? Leo says he can use apps like Tango and Skype to do that, but he's still paying for data. No cell company offers a mobile phone with just data only. He could always buy an old phone from eBay and do it with a MiFi device, like Verizon's JetPack. There's also FreedomPop.

Watch Nathan from Corona, CA Comments

Nathan has an inkjet printer but he's having issues with print quality. Leo says that inkjet printers aren't very economical for infrequent printing because the jets can become clogged with dried ink unless he uses them every day. That's why Leo recommends a low cost laser printer. He can get a Brother laser printer for under $100. It's ideal for students.

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Watch Ron from Charlotte, NC Comments

Ron's PC died yesterday. He suspects the power supply went south. Leo says there's no sense in replacing it, as he can just replace the power supply. He should check the power cord itself first, though, just to be sure it wasn't just that. If he has to replace it, he could replace the processor too, since it's 7 years old, but then he'll have to replace the motherboard as well. Why not get a bare-bones system that he can get a new processor and motherboard with, and then transfer his SSD, GPU, and other options that he's added to it? He'll also have to contact Microsoft to transfer Windows 10 to that new system.

Watch Susan from O'Fallon, IL Comments

Susan is looking for a new TV that offers picture-in-picture. Is that still an option? Leo says that option has gone by the wayside because it required two tuners and TV manufacturers started using that space for adding other features. LG still makes a few models that offer PiP, though. Leo says that DirecTV has RedZone that shows multiple games in boxes. Amazon makes the Fire TV and it offers Picture-in-Picture as a feature. UserX says that if Susan calls her cable company, they may have a higher end box that offers Picture-in-Picture.

As for new TVs, Leo says that the LG B7 OLED is his favorite. There are some great Black Friday deals going on.

Watch David from Anaheim, CA Comments

David has finally made the "switch" from iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It seems easier to sync, but how does he sync up his Outlook? He should sync using Google Contacts first. That's' a good way to have it everywhere. He can then sync to any phone, computer, or tablet. Leo says Outlook on Android is very good as an app. So rather than try to sync it, David should try using the Outlook app. It's very good. Then Outlook on Android will pull from it. Is Android secure? Leo says that if he stays within the Google Play store and avoids weird third-party apps, he'll be fine. He should just stick with mainstream app companies.

Watch Nora from Battle Creek, MI Comments

Nora would like to scan her negatives and slides. What's a good film scanner? She hears that Magnasonic will scan every size negative around. Leo says that he's never heard of it, but it looks like they make a lot of stuff, so it may not be a reliable option. She should check out the Epson Perfection scanners.

Another option would be to use a service like Scan Cafe. They'll send her a box to fill, and then send back to them via Fedex, so it's nice and secure. Not only will they scan negatives, but they'll clean them up as well, so she'll get the best possible image.

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