Why doesn't my password vault work in iOS 11?

Episode 1439 (1:25:39)

Fred from Anchorage, AL

Fred has an iPhone 6 that's been updated to iOS 11. But when he updated it, he lost his password vault file. Leo says that Apple discontinued support for 32-bit apps in iOS11 and as such, a lot of apps simply broke and stopped working. They won't work unless the developer updates them. Fred will have to contact the app developer and see if they're working on a solution. If it backed up the data to DropBox then he may see it there.

What's a good alternative? Leo suggests LastPass. It will generate passwords and remember them. Then all he'll need is one main password to unlock it. It supports 2 Factor Authentication, too. 1Password and Dashlane are others. All three work on Mac, Windows, and Android as well.