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Watch Alexandra from Fullerton, CA Comments

Alexandra works for a non-profit and she's having issues sending text messages to large lists of clients. There's now a limit of only 10 per text. Leo says the same thing happened with email. It's all because of spam, so they're limiting it. That's why Leo recommends a mass text service. Leo recommends They offer low cost or even free service for non-profits.

Watch Dave from Wichita Falls, TX Comments

Dave had a problem with a Windows update and he realized that if he deleted another program that Roxio installed, then it worked just fine. But now several programs he relies upon don't work. Leo says that it could be a problem with apps that are 32-bit, though Windows 10 still supports them. Microsoft may have killed off third-party 32-bit support. There is a program compatibility troubleshooter in Windows 10 Control Panel. It could walk him through how to run his app in compatibility mode.

Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul has had an issue where Microsoft was installing newer drivers during an update that he didn't want. Leo says that he can choose to not install the newer drivers when he runs the update utility.

Paul also wants to know if the Movo wireless microphone works well. Leo says it's a good low-cost wireless microphone, but he's concerned because the cheaper a wireless mic is, the more likely he'll run into interference.

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Watch Carey from Long Beach, CA Comments

Carey wanted to mention that a friend of his had a photo of her and her husband at a koy pond. Carey used Pixelmator and Luminar to touch up the photo, and then ordered a print of it from Fracture, a company that prints photos on glass. This is just more evidence that there are good alternatives to Adobe Photoshop.

(Disclaimer: Fracture is a sponsor).

Watch Lincoln from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Lincoln wants to know if there's a computer he can buy that doesn't come with any trialware? Leo says that most computer companies do this to offset the cost of manufacturing them. Even Microsoft will bundle trialware in the install. Leo advises uninstalling all that stuff from the very beginning. Leo says that Microsoft is edging towards putting advertising in the OS through popups, and that's a bad thing. So Lincoln should get rid of it all, and install only the programs he always uses, then create a stock Windows install by making an image copy that he can boot up to just in case. Windows has an imaging utility built in through System restore, but there's also these options:

Watch Dave from Ridgecrest, CA Comments

Dave has a problem with a Tracfone that "butt dials" 911. What can he do? Leo says that there's a feature in Tracfone that has physical buttons and a lock that prevents them from being depressed when he has it in his pocket. Modern phones solve this problem with lock screens, but Leo says it doesn't always work either because people don't wait until the screen locks before putting the phone in their pocket. It could be that his phone lock is broken.

Watch Ben from Orange, CA Comments

Ben says that his arrow keys can be used as numbers but he has to keep changing it so it will continue to work that way. Leo says he'll have to change the num lock setting in his BIOS/System setup. He can enable the num lock to be on when he boots up. Keyboard mapping is all done in software. There's a good app called AutoHotKey that can also work because it uses Keyboard mapping.

Watch Joe from Williamsport, PA Comments

Joe wants to know which Amazon Echo he should buy. Leo says that the Alexa Echo has its own speaker and costs $100. The more affordable Echo is under $50 and he would need to connect a speaker to it. Should he buy Google Home instead? Google does a lot of the same things, but it isn't as advanced and mature as the Echo in terms of skills. But the Google Home is smarter for answering questions. Leo says he prefers the Echo, so he should get that.

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Watch Jack from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Jack is looking to get a new laptop for music recording. Should he buy an i7? Leo says that an i5 is fine, and he should spend the money on a larger SSD and more RAM. 16GB is good. But after that, the performance slows down when using more RAM, and most applications don't even use it. So he should stick with 16GB. He should get a good screen as well.

Should he get Dell, Asus, or HP? Leo says that all three are good, as are Lenovo ThinkPads. He likes the X1 Carbon, Yoga, and the Yoga 920. Does it matter if he uses Kaby Lake processors or not? Leo says the most recent version is good moving forward, but that's not really the main factor now. It's GPU, RAM, and SSD. That's where the performance curve is affected more.

Watch Art from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Art wants to get the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Will it get a dual lens or should he just get the Note 8? Leo says he'd go with the Note 8 because it has the dual camera and the S8 doesn't. It would enable him to zoom and get bokeh in portrait mode. The Note is also a little bit bigger and comes with a stylus, which is nice to know it's there.

Other than the camera, the difference between the two phones is minor. Samsung has also started to hint that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be an extensive redesign that's radically different. So if he likes the current design, Leo would recommend pulling the trigger.

Watch DJ from Duluth, GA Comments

DJ is trying to help a friend out who wants to reset her MacBook, but he's worried that she won't be able to use her Microsoft Office software because she doesn't have the key anymore. Leo says that there's a system reset that won't break the connections of the software. So it could pay to try that first. If that doesn't work and they have to erase the hard drive, they could get the key from Microsoft again. It'll take a simple call.

How does he copy the calendar, contacts, and email from Outlook on a Mac? Leo says using the archiving feature would work. It creates a .OLM file. He can copy them and then restore them.

Watch Ryan from Minnesota Comments

Ryan would like to learn to program so he can get a job coding. Leo says the first place to start is with the Stanford iOS course on iTunes. It will give him a step by step on how to code for an app. Leo also recommends a program called How to Design Programs (HTDP). It's an undergraduate introduction to programming that uses a specialized beginners programming language that he can download for free called "Doctor Racket" which teaches the fundamentals of programming that will give him the right foundation on how to code. He'll then be light years ahead of anyone else.