Should I buy a BlackBerry phone?

Episode 1436 (2:01:07)

Harry from Pico Rivera, CA
BlackBerry 9900

Harry is with Verizon and he wants to get a Blackberry 9900 phone for AOL since it doesn't work on his 9930. Leo says it won't work. Verizon was a CDMA based network and the 9900 won't work on that. So it would be a waste of money to do so. Leo says he should just change his email so that he can use just about any other phone.

Leo likes FastMail because it's pure IMAP. The 9930 is what he'll want. Harry should check out this Knowledge Base article from But he should understand it's out of date and BlackBerry isn't going to update it. There's also this post at

Leo says it's time to make the move to Android or Apple.

Doctor Mom says he can set up AOL through Gmail with the "other" function. He'll need to insert the ports and server names manually, but that should work.