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Watch Joe from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Joe is having trouble with his ZTE Z988 phone and hotspotting. He keeps turning it on and after a minute, it drops. Leo says to call T-Mobile and let them know his hotspot feature isn't working, because it sounds like they haven't activated it. But it's also possible that it's not available with that phone and his new carrier. There can be some hardware limitations too. But if he's getting data anyway, then that's not it. It probably just needs activation.

Watch Daniel from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Daniel wants to make an audio only subscription feed for his subscribers. Leo says that Spreaker is one option. They have a subscription plan that will lock out people if they don't pay. He can also roll in ads.

Cleeng enables him to sell video live and on demand. He can put in a static picture or a slide show type video feed with it. But there's really no stopping people from giving away content they download, which is why Leo doesn't charge. He has the content for free. He can then insert ads to make up for the shortfall. Spreaker is the best option for Daniel.

Watch Juan from Connecticut Comments

Juan has an old iPhone 5 and was planning to upgrade to the iPhone 8, but now that the iPhone X is out, he's not sure. Leo says that the iPhone 8 is great and has been a really popular seller. And since Juan is visually impaired, it's better than spending hundreds of dollars extra for the iPhone X. Also triple tapping launches accessibility. Assistive touch is even better because it learns from him and it enables him to customize the features. Nobody does it better than Apple.

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Watch David from Texas Comments

David wants to know if he has the latest Windows update. Leo says that the Windows 10 Fall Creators update is the latest — vs. 1709. David also says that while updating, he runs into a problem and has to manually remove the update, downgrade, and backup his PC. He can't delete the Fall Creators update. Leo says that the problem is that there's 32 bit software that is blocking the update. The Fall Creator's update won't work with anything 32 bit. It's odd that Microsoft enabled it. He'll have to remove it and it may be that he'll need to get a removal tool from the software company to get rid of any lingering drivers. If he can't get a removal tool, it's hard to uninstall a driver that's running. Leo says it'd probably be easier to boot into safe mode and then uninstall it manually. He should look into his CD/DVD devices and remove them.

Watch Karen from San Pedro, CA Comments

Karen has a Samsung Phone and Tablet and she is getting a popup in her phone that will allow her apps access to her phone data. Leo says that Android works by requiring permission to do things as she needs them. So when she's opening an app to do something, the app is requesting access in order to do what she wants it to do. That kind of behavior is OK, but if it's out of nowhere, then she's right to be suspicious.

Watch Byron from Minnesota Comments

Byron has the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S Plus. He wants to know if he'll have issues upgrading his 6S Plus to iOS 11. Leo says that there's been complaints about loss of battery life updating to iOS 11. Even Leo's wife has noticed that on her 6S Plus. Leo says that they've also put out a few patches to fix issues that crop up. He always recommends waiting at least until the third patch after a new operating system comes out. Since iOS 11.1 is the current, it's OK to go ahead and update. He should always wait a few weeks before upgrading his OS, just in case there's bugs that need to be fixed, and then they have to fix the stuff they broke trying to fix it. So it's wise to wait through a few updates first.

Watch Galen from Wichita, KS Comments

Galen has a customer who wants to be able to do estimates on his phone. Can he convert the program he's written to iOS? Leo says that writing a program to be portable is definitely doable, but to do it for Windows 10 is different than iOS processors. So he can't just convert it. On the other hand, we're moving in a direction that will allow him to do just that. How about a web interface? That can always be accessed from any mobile device. That would be his best bet. Galen should check out Progressive Web Apps.

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Watch Melissa from Nashville, TN Comments

Melissa keeps getting phone calls saying they're from AT&T and that their account had been suspended. Leo says that's the latest scam. They'll even spoof AT&T's number! And after the first of the year, it'll be the IRS. They'll want to scare her so she can act without thinking. They'll then ask for her date of birth, social security number (which is illegal to ask for) and once they have all that, they have her.

Watch Harry from Pico Rivera, CA Comments

Harry is with Verizon and he wants to get a Blackberry 9900 phone for AOL since it doesn't work on his 9930. Leo says it won't work. Verizon was a CDMA based network and the 9900 won't work on that. So it would be a waste of money to do so. Leo says he should just change his email so that he can use just about any other phone.

Leo likes FastMail because it's pure IMAP. The 9930 is what he'll want. Harry should check out this Knowledge Base article from But he should understand it's out of date and BlackBerry isn't going to update it. There's also this post at

Leo says it's time to make the move to Android or Apple.

Doctor Mom says he can set up AOL through Gmail with the "other" function. He'll need to insert the ports and server names manually, but that should work.