Should I get an i7 laptop?

Episode 1435 (1:59:49)

Qingnan from Los Angeles, CA
Microsoft Surface Book

Qingnan is looking to get a Windows Surface Book. Leo had one and he thought it was an interesting design, but it fell short on performance. The second version is about to drop and it's supposed to be better, though. Qingnan is confused though with the processor designation — it has two different processors claiming it's the 8th generation. Leo says that's marketing and often times that can be confusing.

Leo recommends going to AnandTech and looking at their reviews to know which processors and which Surface Book 2 is going to be the best. Leo also says it doesn't pay to put an i7 in a laptop because it can be limited by thermal constraints and it won't run at full speed as a result. He should use that extra money to get a better graphics chip, more RAM, or a larger hard drive.