Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1434 (19:41)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that there's a dreaded disease in home theater, and technology in general, called upgrade-itus. Sure, TV manufacturers come out with new models that address customer comments and wants, as well as new features, but for the basics, there's really nothing anything new this year over last. Just more whistles and bells.

Scott just got back from the SMPTE conference and saw a lot of AR and VR. He saw an AR short film called "ARnold" where the main character was a dog and interacts with a set built at the conference. The AR scans the room and then the dog adjusts its behavior to fit the room. But is it really a story? How do you tell one in VR? Leo says that it's way too much trouble and the real problem is that nonlinear story telling doesn't lend itself to what the audience wants to do, which is to lean back, relax and be told what to see.