iPhone X Faces Production Issues

Episode 1431 (01:28)

Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X is about to be available for preorder on October 27th, and Leo says that most users have been waiting for it, choosing not to upgrade to the iPhone 8. But Leo says that users who have the iPhone 6S or 7 may choose to merely not upgrade at all, since the performance boost really isn't that significant. The $1,000 price tag could also be giving users pause. Those who will be buying it are likely doing it as a status symbol, not for any measurable improvement. Meanwhile, analysts are speculating that sales of the iPhone may be hampered by available supply. The iPhone X has a difficult manufacturing process that takes longer to create, and there simply isn't a lot of the iPhone X ready to ship. Apple has also already stated they will sell it first in China, which means that it'll be even harder for the rest of us to get it.

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