Is Dolby Atmos really worth thousands for home theater?

Episode 1431 (59:17)

Scott from Orange County, CA
Dolby Atmos logo

Scott was in a big box store with a listening room and listened to a Dolby Atmos at Home demo and he was blown away. But is it worth thousands to outfit his home theater with it? Leo says no. Many modern AV Receivers now support Atmos. It's a standard like Dolby 5.1 was. The main difference is that Atmos at Home bounces sound off the ceiling for a more immersive audio experience. Leo says he can use dual HDMI outputs that would give him the ability to create a similar experience. Leo isn't sure that he needs that. It sounds like a lot of gimmickry. But with some top firing speakers and a modern AV receiver, he could come pretty close.