Can I make an image backup of my mobile phone?

Episode 1429 (12:31)

Bob from Philadelphia, PA
Helium Backup

Bob has a dual SIM mobile phone with T-Mobile and he's having trouble going from one number to the other. He couldn't receive calls. He's tried to go to T-Mobile and has also done the factory reset and now he can get calls. But he's lost all his data. Can he get it back? Leo says the safest way to protect his data is to backup his data to his Google account. He can do this by going to "Backup and Reset" in settings. Then he could automatically restore it. This would save his settings, apps, and contacts, but it won't save his music or photos. That's where Google Photos and Google Music come in handy, to keep media synced. Bob can set it to back up every time he takes a picture or when he's on a Wi-Fi connection.

Can he get an image backup on his phone? Leo says that Helium is an app that will back up his device and sync his apps either locally or to the cloud via DropBox or another source. It's not an image backup, but it's pretty close.