How can I have my Hue lights interact with my security cameras?

Episode 1428 (1:06:03)

Brian from Charleston, IN
Raspberry Pi

Brian has several Rasperry Pi computers for a DIY security camera network. Leo says he shouldn't DIY to save money anymore, he should just do it to have fun. Brian had an intruder (a critter) come in last night, and it wasn't lit very well. Leo says he'll want an infrared camera. Motion sensor lights would be a good idea as well. Leo says that half the fun of making is to figure out what's next and how to make it better.

Brian has Hue lights that are internet enabled. Leo says that he'll need a device that can interface with those lights and work as the middle man. It'll then be a line of code in his Raspberry Pi OS that will trigger it. Brian should check out If This Then That. It may have a recipe for that.

Or he can have just regular motion controlled lights that will act independently. That's probably the easiest.