Why is my router dropping out?

Episode 1427 (2:12:22)

Perry from Ocean Beach, CA
ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

Perry has a NetGear C6900 modem/router and it just drops out for several seconds from time to time. Leo says that routers and cable modems do wear out over time, and if he gets a lot of drop outs, it could be time to replace it. But Perry's router is only six months old, so that shouldn't be happening. Leo says he could try updating the firmware. PadreSJ says that the NetGear Combo units start having memory issues that cause server busy errors. Perry should go into his settings to find the logs and see if he is getting errors like that.

Another fix would be to get a cable modem approved by his cable provider and a separate router. Leo likes the ARRIS Surfboard DOCSIS III. Perry should check out the Wirecutter. Their favorite is Netgear's, which is ironic. If Perry's cable company updated the firmware of his modem, that could have caused it as well.