How do I transfer my data to a new phone?

Episode 1425 (11:33)

Ron from Laguna, CA
SMS Backup and Restore

Ron wants to transfer all his data and contacts from one phone to another. He wants to transfer everything from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to a Motorola Moto X. This includes contacts, photos, and voicemails. Rich says that voicemails are handled by the carrier, so they should be carried over automatically. Calendars, contacts, and photos can all be synced through the cloud with Google, and chances are a lot of that data is synced up already.

The only thing that isn't synced to the cloud will be his call log and SMS messages. For that, Rich uses an app called SMS Backup and Restore, which is available on Google Play. Ron can put that app on both phones and it will use the cloud to move them over.