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Watch Ron from Laguna, CA Comments

Ron wants to transfer all his data and contacts from one phone to another. He wants to transfer everything from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to a Motorola Moto X. This includes contacts, photos, and voicemails. Rich says that voicemails are handled by the carrier, so they should be carried over automatically. Calendars, contacts, and photos can all be synced through the cloud with Google, and chances are a lot of that data is synced up already.

The only thing that isn't synced to the cloud will be his call log and SMS messages. For that, Rich uses an app called SMS Backup and Restore, which is available on Google Play. Ron can put that app on both phones and it will use the cloud to move them over.

Watch Howard from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Howard has an iPhone 7 and is thinking of getting an iPhone 8. Rich says he should save his money. The battery life won't be any better. The A11 processor is faster, however, so if not having that is a deal-breaker, then get the iPhone 8. If not, the next spec is the camera. Is it better? Yes, but not $800 better. Then there's the resale value of his old phone, which will be cut in half. So he's still going to have to spend at least $300-$400 to upgrade. The iPhone 8 does have wireless charging, but Rich says it's too new. If he has to have the latest and greatest, then go with the iPhone 8. If not, he can save his money.

Watch Cynthia from Redlands, CA Comments

Cynthia cut the cord for a Roku about eight months ago. Now everything has stopped working and she has to pay to turn it back on. Rich says that Cynthia may have been bit by a phishing scam. He suggests having the credit card company charge it back. She shouldn't have to pay to reauthorize the box. She'll pay for the subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. But not for the box itself since she already bought it. Then she should do a factory reset on the Roku. That will make it work like the first day she bought it. She should try to watch out for scams in the future.

Watch Gary from Glendale, CA Comments

Gary is wondering if he should upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and whether or not to get it unlocked. Rich likes the S8 Plus because it's larger and he'd get a lot more battery life. As far as unlocked vs. carrier locked — if he's not going to leave his provider, then there's no reason to pay extra for an unlocked phone. He can just get a regular phone though T-Mobile.

Watch Scott from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Scott wants to know if the heart rate monitor is better in the new Apple Watch Series 3. Rich says it is. There are more sensors and additional data points, so he'll get a more accurate reading of his heart rate. The only thing the Apple Watch doesn't do is monitor sleep, but Apple is about to get into that, so stay tuned. It will also alert him if he has an elevated resting heart rate. So if he wants to better monitor his heart, the new Apple Watch Series 3 is the one to get. It's available now.

Watch Laura from Florida Comments

Laura has an iPhone, but it constantly goes into speaker phone mode. How can she stop that? Rich says that there's probably a setting in accessibility that is enabled that is automatically activating her speaker phone. She should check Settings > General > Accessibility for it.

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Watch Joe from Gardena, CA Comments

Joe is an app developer and is looking to create an app for AR. Since Joe already has a parking app he's developed, Rich thinks he should elaborate on that and use the phone's camera to decipher parking signs. A user could simply point his or her camera at the sign, and the app could return a big check mark or red 'x' on if it's ok to park there at that time. The issue will be gathering the information for the backend. But if he can make submitting data easy and fun, and it works, then he'll have a winner.

Watch Aaron from San Diego, CA Comments

Aaron Vizio has been rebooting frequently. Is this an ongoing problem with Vizio? Rich says no, he still recommends Vizio because it offers a lot of bang for the buck, and for $1200, Aaron can get a great one.

The chatroom suggests blowing the dust out of it and replacing the power cord. Then Aaron could use it as a secondary TV. Other options include Sony, LG, and Samsung. All have great TV sets. Costco has great deals, but the best time to buy a TV is in February for the Super Bowl.

Watch Richard from West LA, CA Comments

Richard has an old Alcatel phone that lets him post to Twitter, while his LG phone won't. Rich says to try uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it. He should also uninstall any apps he doesn't need. Lastly, he should try HTC Boost Plus. It's an app that scans the phone for junk files and deletes them.

Watch Al from Florida Comments

Al wants to install Windows on his second computer. Can he do that? Rich says that his license for Windows is only good for one computer. He could install it, but it won't activate. He'll have 30 days to use it, but then it will require a license key. So he'll have to bite the bullet and buy another copy of Windows.

Watch Karen from Colorado Comments

Karen is thinking of moving over to T-Mobile from Google Fi. They have a good deal for people 55 and over. It should be about the same in quality, right? Rich says that Google Fi uses three different carriers, automatically switching to whichever one is best. It can be pricey for an unlimited user. If she doesn't use a lot of data, then Google Fi is a great 'pay as you go' plan. But T-Mobile has a great plan for those age 55 and over — 2 lines for $60. It's hard to beat that.

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Watch Tim from Colorado Comments

Tim has a friend that developed a program called TV Guardian that removes all the bad words in movies and TV. Rich says that cable is starting to allow more and more profanity, so a device like this can be a good idea.

Watch Christina from Irvine, CA Comments

Christina is thinking of buying a new Mac Mini, but she'll also need to get a monitor and keyboard. Should she do that rather than upgrade her iMac? Rich says Christina should just upgrade her iMac. It may cost her more, but she'll be better served by the larger screen size and the all-in-one design. For a few hundred dollars more, it's a better value.

Watch Dave from Houston, TX Comments

Dave wants to listen to podcasts but he gets frustrated by how different the volume is from show to commercial and back. Rich says that's a common problem and he can get an app that equalizes the podcasts he listens to.

Watch Mike from Demoines, IA Comments

Michael is a Google Fi user and he's hearing about the Motorola Moto X4. When is it going to be out? Rich says it'll be out before the holidays, and Rich loves the Moto X. It's a great phone line. It features Pure Android, and a fingerprint reader on the front. It's easy to use, has dual cameras, and an ultra low light front facing camera. It has a high speed Snapdragon processor, and it works on Google Fi.

Watch Nick from Wilmington, CA Comments

Nick wants a wireless laser printer, and his old printer was a Brother. Rich says that Brother has served him well since he bought his seven years ago. It's great for business. He should stick with Brother and just get a newer model.