How can I restore Windows on my computer?

Episode 1424 (1:51:57)

Todd from San Diego, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Todd has a Dell laptop running Windows 8. He recently upgraded to Windows 10 and now he's having issues with the laptop crashing and he can't restore it. It won't even do a factory reset. Dell also no longer has Windows 8 discs that he can restore the OS from. Rich says that getting a clean install of Windows is the most important thing. He recommends getting a Windows 10 disc, like downloading the media creation tool and using that from a friend's computer. Then install that. He could also buy Windows 8 on eBay. It's also best to format his hard drive first. That's why a back up of the computer as a disc image is important. It may also be time to get a new laptop or replace the hard drive.